6000Amp 12V

Manufacturer: Innovate Power



Model No. 6000Amp12V
Output Voltage 12V
Output Current 6000Amp
Output Power 72000W
Overall Efficiency 90%
Power Factor 0.9 to 0.95
Cooling Forced Cooling
Ambient Temperature 0-38ºC ± 5%
Display LCD Display 4 Line 20 Character.

Display :

• Constant current & Constant voltage

• All Errors (Protection)

7-Segment 4 digit :- Display Output Current & Voltage

PLC Control AUTO Control (Constant Current & Constant Voltage) (0-5V) (External PLC)
Configuration IGBT Base H-Bridge PWM Technology
Protection 1. High-Low Input Cut-off (320-480V) By Hall Voltage Sensor

2. Phase fail detector (System will work only with three phase input supply.)

3. Over Temperature.

4. Short Circuit Protection.

5. Display and buzzer for chemical “Dozing” after every 1000AH

Control & Display Card DSP (Digital Signal Processing) Controller for fast performance and protection.
Remote Control External SCADA and MODBUS (RS485)


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